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Eighth Grade

Our Eighth Grade program is taught by  experts in each of the core curriculum areas. Please see website links below for day-to-day information from the classroom.

Jaslynn Abbott

Seventh/Eighth Grade Math

Santa Ynez Campus Room 10 | Phone 1110

Class Website


Ronnie Tow

Seventh/Eighth Grade History

Santa Ynez Campus Room 13 | Phone 1113

Class Website


Toni Roberts

Seventh and Eighth Grade English

Santa Ynez Campus Room 9 | Phone 1109



Annette Shimamura

Seventh and Eighth Grade Science

Santa Ynez Campus Room 8 | Phone 1108

7th Grade – 8th Grade Science Website


Students meeting the requirements for graduation have some very special activities ahead. Be sure to see the Graduation Requirements to be certain you’re on track.

Valedictorian –  The valedictorian for 8th Grade graduation is the student with the highest GPA, calculated to 0.01 place, for the 7th and 8th grade years. The student must have attended Santa Ynez School for both the seventh and eighth grade years. In the case of a tie, all students with the same highest GPA shall share the title of Valedictorian. If the second place student(s) is within 0.05 grade points of the Valedictorian, then the second place student(s) shall be recognized as the Salutatorian. If the difference between the first and second place students’ GPA is greater than 0.05 then no Salutatorian shall be honored. The GPA shall be calculated on a 4-point scale for the core academic subjects only. (Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Science). PE and elective grades shall not be considered.


Grade 8 English Language Arts Standards Grade 8 Math Content Standards Grade 8 History Language Arts Standards Grade 8 Science Content Standards