Curriculum | Grade Level Benchmarks

Our faculty, under the guidance of the School Leadership Team, selects key content benchmarks aligned to the California Common Core State Standards and California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The benchmarks are also aligned to the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards for California).

The progress that students are making toward achieving these rigorous standards is communicated to parents via regular progress reports and standards based report cards at all grade levels at the end of each trimester. These report cards are aligned to the district’s grade level key benchmarks.

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7th / 8th Grade Graduation GPA

Students meeting the requirements for graduation have some very special activities ahead. Be sure to see the Graduation Requirements to be certain you’re on track.

Valedictorian –  The valedictorian for 8th Grade graduation is the student with the highest GPA, calculated to 0.01 place, for the 7th and 8th grade years. The student must have attended Santa Ynez School for both the seventh and eighth grade years. In the case of a tie, all students with the same highest GPA shall share the title of Valedictorian. If the second place student(s) is within 0.05 grade points of the Valedictorian, then the second place student(s) shall be recognized as the Salutatorian. If the difference between the first and second place students’ GPA is greater than 0.05 then no Salutatorian shall be honored. The GPA shall be calculated on a 4-point scale for the core academic subjects only. (Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Science). PE and elective grades shall not be considered.

Adoptions | Grade Level Adopted Materials


Transitional Kindergarten | Big Day for TK by Houghton Mifflin Harcort
Based around three Big Experiences a day, Big Day for PreK® offers students a comprehensive, integrated, and engaging curriculum that seamlessly weaves literacy, science, math, and the arts together.

K-5th | California Wonders by McGraw-Hill
California Wonders is a comprehensive ELA/ELD program built on the Common Core State Standards. Through its connected pathways, intentional instruction, and inspiring content, Wonders prepares all students for college and career in the 21st century.

6th- 8th Grade | California Collections by Houghton Mifflin Harcort
Collections presents materials and activities in a variety of ways, allowing students to interact with different types of content. Students have the tools they need to think critically, expand their curiosity, and tackle challenging concepts—which helps them learn to close read selections and prepare for high-stakes assessments.


K- 3rd Ready Math | 4th/5th Grade | Eureka Math by Great Minds
Eureka Math connects math to the real world in ways that take the fear out of math and build student confidence—helping students achieve true understanding lesson by lesson and year after year.

6th-8th | CPM ( College Preparatory Math)
CPM provides teacher written, problem based instructional material and complimentary professional development to support the teachers. This program empowers mathematics, students and teachers through exemplary curriculum, professional development, and leadership


K-5th | Foss California Science Series
The FOSS Program (Full Option Science System) bridges research and practice by providing tools and strategies to engage students and teachers in enduring experiences that lead to deeper understanding of the natural and designed worlds.

6th-8th | Impact Science

Social Science

All Grades | Piloting Materials

Test Scores

The College School District has had some remarkable accomplishments to close the achievement gap with the current SBAC ( Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. The SBAC assesses grades three through 8 student mastery of the Common Core State Standards.

California School Dashboard
The Dashboard contains reports that display the performance of local educational agencies (LEAs), schools, and student groups on a set of state and local measures to assist in identifying strengths, challenges, and areas in need of improvement.

College School District

Award Winning District

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The College School District staff is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all students. Our District has earned the California Distinguished School Award and continues to deliver high quality education for all students. 

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